Historic Preservation

For projects subjected to Section 106 review, our services and products include…

  • Windshield Surveys
  • Historic Resources and Determination of Eligibility Reports
  • Cultural Resource Studies
  • Resource Identification, Evaluation, and Potential Project Effect Studies
  • Determination of Effect Reports
  • Section 4(f) Reports (for FHWA projects)
  • Section 2002 Reports (in Pennsylvania)
  • Memoranda of Agreement (MOA)
  • Programmatic Agreements
  • State-level and Federal-level Recordations and Photorecordations
  • Creative Mitigation

Our Clients Include…

  • State and Federal Departments of Transportation
  • The National Park Service
  • State Historic Preservation Offices
  • Other State and Federal Agencies
  • Real Estate Developers
  • Construction Contractors
  • Municipalities
  • Public and Private Utility Companies
  • Private Property Owners
  • Certified Local Governments (CLGs)
  • Historic Architectural Review Boards (HARBs)
  • Main Street Organizations

For projects not subjected to Section 106 review, our services and products include…

  • National Register Nominations
  • Reconnaissance-level Surveys
  • Intensive-level Surveys
  • Planning Surveys
  • Preservation Planning Consultation
  • Municipal Ordinances
  • Design Guidelines
  • Historic Architectural Review Board Activities
  • Public Outreach
  • Rehabilitation Investment Tax Credit (RITC) Programs
  • Graphic, Photographic, and Textual Documentations
  • T-21 Consultation
  • State-funded Grant Writing
  • Global Information Systems (GIS) Surveys
  • Cultural Resource Database Compilation
  • Design Guideline Creation and Implementation
  • Public Education Products and Presentations

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