CHRS Preservationist Lindsey Allen attends 2011 National Historic Preservation Conference in Buffalo, NY – October 20-22, 2011

Lindsey Allen recently attended the 2011 National Historic Preservation Conference in Buffalo, NY. Hosted by the National Trust for Historic Preservation, the conference is an opportunity for heritage professionals to discuss current trends, share interesting case studies, brush up on practical skills, and network with professionals from around the country. Lindsey attended seven informative and engaging educational sessions about a variety of subjects ranging from bridge rehabilitation and the recent past to right-sizing cities and land banking programs.

Although she grew up near Rochester, New York, Lindsey had only been to Buffalo a handful of times – she had no idea the amount of architectural integrity the downtown retains. In many respects the city was a perfect host for a twenty-first century preservation conference: it experiences many of the preservation and planning issues that plague shrinking post-industrial cities, yet a number of revitalized neighborhoods and individual architectural gems reflect successful city and state preservation programs. She looks forward to applying what she learned during the conference to her work at CHRS, Inc.