Telling a Story – Dr. Kenneth Basalik at the National Constitution Center’s Kirby Auditorium on Saturday, October 15, 2016

To an archaeologist, every object tells a story. Some are more interesting than others. Some are more complete than others. Some are easily told, while others take a lot of “digging.”

On Saturday, October 15, 2016, Dr. Kenneth Basalik “dug” into some of these stories at the National Constitution Center’s Kirby Auditorium while presenting two papers for the Explore Philly’s Buried Past, 2016! A Pennsylvania Archaeology Month Celebration, co-sponsored by the National Park Service and the Philadelphia Archaeological Forum.

Dr. Basalik’s paper “23 Skidoo and Chicken Inspector 23 Too! A Glimpse of Early Twentieth-Century Slang and Humor” discussed the origin of a “Chicken Inspector 23” badge, its humorous connotations, and how it reflects on the changing nature of language.

“Made in ‘Roumania’:  An Early Twentieth-Century Novelty Perfume Bottle from Delaware County” discussed a bottle in the shape of a sailor. The presentation related how this one object touches on four countries, international copyright laws, corporate mergers, and a twentieth century innovation in the perfume industry.